8 Things Pregnant Women Want You to Know

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Pregnant Woman Want You to Know

Everyone knows someone who is currently pregnant, or has been pregnant. Usually, when someone sees a baby bump, they get all mushy and are so focused on what’s inside the belly that they forget about the woman CARRYING the baby. How many times have you seen someone just walk right up and touch a pregnant stomach, even if the two people didn’t know each other? It’s no one’s fault, really, it’s just human nature. Babies turn most women (and some men) into big piles of mush and they can’t contain themselves!

But what about mom? She’s the one doing all the hard work growing a fetus! Mom still matters (for now haha)!

I gathered a few things to pass onto all of you baby belly onlookers, and hopefully you will keep these in mind next time you see a baby bump.

1. I am not Buddha. Do not touch or rub my belly without asking first, unless you are the person who put that baby in there!
2. Please don’t dictate my meals. I am well aware that pregnant women need a special diet, but cravings happen. If I want to sit down to a giant bowl of ice cream with every possible topping available, let me be.
3. Keep helpful advice to yourself unless I ask for it. I value your opinion, but this is my body, my baby and my choice on how things are done.
4. I am pregnant, not disabled. I can still do everyday tasks. It might be a bit harder, but I am still capable. I will ask for help if I need it.
5. If I do ask for help, be kind. Simple tasks of getting dressed or putting shoes on are harder in the last couple months. Don’t be mean. Raging hormones suck and little comments you may think are funny aren’t always funny to us.
6. Be patient with me. The last few months are hard due to nesting, packing for the hospital, and getting everything ready for baby to come home. Things will change a million times. I want everything perfect for my new angel. So if I change my mind 50times in one day, just go with it.
7. Do not assume you will be there for the delivery. I may allow you to be in the waiting room, but I may not want to share this moment with everyone. I will inform you if you are on my call list for when baby is coming.
8. Please do not bombard me with theme ideas, colors, dates for possible baby showers, which doctor to go to, etc. This is my time to start making choices for me and my baby.

What other things would you tell people if you were the pregnant lady carrying that adorable baby bump? Leave them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “8 Things Pregnant Women Want You to Know

  1. I love it! I would add a ninth: When I near, reach or pass my due date, please do not constantly call me and ask if the baby is coming. That last stretch is hard enough without everyone reminding you about it.

    Great article <3

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you. Most of them get into advisory mode as soon as they realised some one is pregnant. In mosts cases the advice is all centred around your baby will get hurt if you do this or that but they don’t realise the one who is carrying the baby is equally important.

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