25 Websites That Pay You to Refer Friends

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25 websites that pay you to refer friendsDid you know you can make money simply by knowing people and referring them to try new things? There are so many websites that pay you to refer friends, it is a shame that more people don’t take advantage of these perks!

It’s a well known fact that the most effective way for companies to build their businesses is by word of mouth. People trust their friends and family more than they trust any ads they see online, on TV, or out and about around town. Customers referred by someone they know are more likely to stick around than someone who saw an ad and decided to give it a try.

Traditional advertising is pretty expensive, so many companies will PAY YOU to refer your friends and family! This technique is called Paid Referral Programs. It saves the company money on advertising, while rewarding people for bringing in more business! How can anyone pass that up?

The best part is, many of the companies don’t even require a huge amount of participation from you in order for you to be paid for referring people!

So let’s make you some money, and help these companies grow! It’s a win-win! I put together a list of companies who pay you to refer-a-friend (and make money without referring others as well). Check them out!

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Earn money by referring others to sign up for trial offers
Earn money by referring others to sign up for trial offers

1. Level Rewards

This is my favorite one, so of course it’s going first!!

Level Rewards is a company that pays you to sign up for trial offers with other companies, then refer others to sign up for the trials as well. There are both free trials and paid trials to choose from.

Each trial has a point system that accumulates to help you “level up” – the higher your level, the more you earn per referral. Every ‘level’ is worth $5, so the higher your level, the more you make per referral. I know it at least goes to level 30, which is up to $600 per referral!

**You must be at level 1 to start earning, and make sure you read all the fine print on each trial you sign up for – you need to fulfill the entire time limit for the trial. Don’t sign up and immediately cancel or your level won’t count.

**If you sign up for a free trial that you don’t intend on actually using in the future, make sure you set a reminder to cancel the free trial before you get charged.

2. Achievement

It’s 2017. Everyone uses their phone to track their steps, their health, their exercise, their sleep, and whatever else they can come up with an app for. So why not get paid for what you’re already doing! Achievement gives you points for your health details that sync in from the apps you are already using. Once you reach 10,000 points, you earn $10. Then, for each friend you refer, you earn 250 points (25 cents).

make money by referring a friend

3. Rush Card

This is a prepaid VISA card, with no credit check, etc. When you refer a friend, you BOTH receive $30.

The person signing up needs to load the card with $20 to activate the card. A small activation fee is deducted from the $20 (around $3-$4 depending on location), but the rest of that money is still the cardholder’s to use. Basically they are just creating an active balance on the card to get it going.

Once the card has been activated and loaded, you both receive $30 on your card! You can refer up to 20 people a year, which is $600!

4. 1Q

1Q is a mobile app that sends you questions from companies. It’s a “survey” app but the questions are quick and painless, unlike the dreaded 30 minute surveys on most survey sites.

You earn either 25 cents or 50 cents per question you answer, and also receive 25 cents for every friend you refer!

5. Swagbucks

If you haven’t heard about Swagbucks by now, I’m going to assume you live under a rock. Swagbucks is one of the most popular ‘make easy money online’ websites out there. You earn by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, shopping, searching, and pretty much any other possible way you can imagine.

They also pay $5 per friend you refer, along with 10% of everything your referral earns for the rest of forever.

6. Split

Split is a brand new app, and you earn money simply by sending links.

Say you have a website you want your best friend to look at, when you “share” it from your phone, you share it using Split instead of messaging. Split changes the link so it can be tracked by the app, and you send the link as you normally would once it has been “split” (through text or messenger, etc). When your friend clicks on the link, bam! You just earned some money.

And you guessed it – it pays to refer your friends as well! If someone signs up for Split using your link, you earn $2. Plus if they buy something using your link, you earn a commission as well!

Rideshare Lyft free ride credits
Earn free ride credits

7. Lyft

Lyft is Uber’s largest competitor. Remember seeing pink mustaches on cars? That’s Lyft! Although the pink mustaches aren’t so popular anymore, ride sharing business is BOOMING.

If you become a Lyft driver, you get to make your own hours and work whenever you want. I have personally driven for Lyft and absolutely LOVED it. But becoming a driver for Lyft is not a requirement for this referral program. You just need to have an active Lyft account.

If you refer another person to become a driver for Lyft, you can make up to $500 (prices vary by location). If you refer a passenger, you earn $5 as long as they take their first ride within 14 days of signing up with your referral code.

8. Uber

Uber’s referral program is similar to Lyft’s. If you refer another person to become an Uber driver, you can earn up to $300 (again, prices vary by location). Refer another passenger, and you earn discounts on your next Uber ride. So the more your code is used, you could potentially ride in an Uber for free!

9. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back rewards app. You earn money simply by submitting your receipt from the grocery store, selecting what you purchased, and scanning the barcode of the item. Plus they have ways to earn more rebates by signing up for certain things, or participating in sales. You also earn $10 just for signing up!

Earn $5 for each friend who uses Ibotta, plus they have an escalating system for bonuses! You can earn $20 for two successful referrals, $50 for the next five, and $100 for every ten referrals after that.. WITH NO LIMIT!

10. Amazon Prime

I rely on Amazon Prime pretty heavily. Being a Prime member, you receive free 2 day shipping on pretty much anything you purchase. It also comes with access to Prime TV, Prime Music, Prime Pantry (groceries, yay!) AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial, and if you like it (which I am positive you will) it’s just $10.99 a month for membership after your free trial.

When your friends join Amazon Prime and make a $5 purchase, you earn a $5 credit on your Amazon account!

11. Groupon

Groupon is another website I heavily rely on. It’s a website that has “coupons” and deal on goods, events, and services. You can buy discount massages, discount tickets to concerts, and coupons towards meals at restaurants (ex: pay $10 for $20 worth of food at your favorite restaurant).

Anytime you refer a friend to Groupon and they purchase their first deal, you earn $10!

12. Paid2Refer.com

This is a website that literally pays you for bringing traffic to their website. You earn $2 just for signing up. They make money from their advertisers, so all you have to do is spread your referral link far and wide, and you get paid 50 cents per CLICK on that link. (Shameless plug… go click my link please haha)

13. Sam’s Club

Good ole Sam’s Club – wholesale, buy in bulk supermarket.

When someone signs up using your referral link, you earn $10 and your referral earns $20!

14. BevRAGE

BevRAGE is a mobile app similar to Ibotta – except it’s for ALCOHOL! Just scan your receipt of your alcohol purchase, and earn cash.

The website doesn’t state an exact amount for referring someone, just says you earn cash when your referral redeems their first receipt.

15. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is similar to Swagbucks, but has their own twist. You get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, search the web, etc. They also send you emails (hence the word ‘Inbox’). All you have to do is click the “confirm you received this email” button at the bottom of your email, and you earn money for it.

You aren’t paid an upfront amount when you refer someone to Inbox Dollars. Instead you receive 10% of all their future earnings.

16. Ebates

Ebates is another rebates/discount store, except this one doesn’t require a receipt. When you are doing online shopping, just go to Ebates website first, then go to whatever online store (Amazon, Kohls, Target, etc) from the Ebates page. Ebates then tracks your purchase and you earn a rebate simply for purchasing something by going to Ebates website first! How easy is that!

Earn $5 for every referral, plus a $40 bonus when two friends join and make a purchase.

17. AirBNB

If you haven’t heard of AirBNB yet… let me tell you, it is AMAZING! Basically you rent out peoples homes while you’re on vacation, instead of staying in a hotel. And you can rent out your home as well! You don’t even have to be gone, all you need is a spare bedroom to be able to rent your space.

When you refer a friend to travel using Airbnb, you get $20 in travel credit. If they become a host, you get $75 in travel credit when they welcome their first guest! Plus, when your friend signs up, they receive $40 off their first adventure!

18. Educents

Educents is a website with thousands of educational products, where you can shop from hundreds of independent sellers who make education fun. Basically, a marketplace of educational products for children of all ages.

Earn $10 for every friend that spends $50 or more on their first purchase.

19. Circle Pay

Circle Pay is a mobile app you can use to send money to people instantly, with no fee.

Send friends and family your referral link, and you will both earn $5 once your referral links their debit card to their account, and sends $25. (They can send you $25 and you can send it back, just be cautious of abusing the system so your account is not deactivated).

20. SquareCash

SquareCash is another mobile app you can use to instantly send money to people.

Refer a friend to sign up using your code, and you both receive $5 once your referral sends $5.

21. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network, with access to hundred of merchants. Sort of like a switchboard for affiliate programs. You sign up for ShareASale, and then choose which companies you want to be an affiliate with.

To earn money, you use ShareASale’s affiliate link they provide you and refer others to sign up to be affiliates with them as well. The amount of money you can earn ranges far and wide, so go check it out!

22. Gymboree

Gymboree has an affiliate program that also pays you to refer other people to become affiliates as well. I’m not sure what the amount is, but something is better than nothing!

23. Dollar Shave Club

Inexpensive razors by snail mail. Why didn’t I come up with this idea? Your first month is $1, you receive a handle and a package of blades. Then your following months are either $3, $6, or $9 a month, and you are automatically shipped a package of new blades each month. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate buying new blades because they are so expensive! I’ll use that blade as long as humanly possible before finally giving in. So how can you pass up this deal!

Plus, earn $5 per friend you refer! Which could potentially mean you don’t even have to pay for your blades!!!

24. Xfinity

Are you an XFINITY customer already? Just refer someone to sign up with XFINITY (it can be any service they provide) and you earn up to $500!

25. Verizon

If you are already a Verizon customer, you can refer your friends to Verizon and get up to $200, AND your friend earns $50 too!

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